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The Face Behind Haus 

Ruben Rodriguez is the CEO of Haus, an Industrial Engineer graduated from a prestigious university in his country of origin. Ruben has more than 15 years of experience in the world of remodeling and extensive experience in customer service. Ruben will be the main face that will receive you at the moment you want to do some remodeling with us. We can say that your project will be guided by the most experienced people in the field. Contact us and learn more about our team.

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15 Years Experience for Your Home or Building

HAUS Remodeling Store emerges as an idea of creating a multi-disciplinary concept of a “ONE STOP STORE” that allows the client to find the engineering, architecture, design and decoration which is what we call in our store “Remodeling”. Hoping that what people wish to replace, modify or even change in any particular space in their homes or offices such Kitchens, Closets, Vanities, TV Stations, Shower Glass Doors, Glass Railings, Wallpapers, and many more, can be found in HAUS Remodeling Store, not only getting any bathroom or kitchen part they need but also having a much more precise global idea of what they wish to do in those areas or spaces going from a remodeling job to any area final decoration job. We assume the commitment on each activity the client decides to do.

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We work with the best brands.

Many clients and followers ask us for recommendations on furniture that we use in our High End projects, our favorites, without a doubt, jmm. It is a Spanish brand with 125 years in the market, excellent quality and super competitive prices and what we like most is that they are 100% customizable. Now they have an US sales representative which makes business even better!

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